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Inserts for moms Sanosan Mama 30pcs

114 g
80.99 uah

Product description

Mama nursing pads. Breast-feeding is importante for mothers and babies. Not only does baby receive nourishing breast milk, it is also provided with a positive feeling of being accepted, loved, protected and cared for. This is an essential basis for starting out life in an environment of trust, opennes and self-confidence. With a liquid reservoir to ensure that even more liquid is retained inside each pad. Breast-shaped pad with an ultra-soft edge that is hardly noticeable when worn. Extremely kind to skin. Perceptibly dryer and can be worn for longer. Made of high quality, natural cellulose fleece....

General information

  • Trademark
  • Weight
    114 g
  • Country
  • Pack amount
    30 pc
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