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Old Spice Whitewater Solid Deodorant 50ml

60 ml
77.99 uah

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Product description

Many believe that water is the most powerful element on earth. Of course, many believe, but they are all wrong, since water, firstly, is not an element, and secondly, uranium-235 is much more powerful. Nevertheless, according to scientists, Old Spice Whitewater has the freshest scent, and in this they are absolutely right. Well, at least those who look after themselves. Old Spice Deodorant helps you get rid of bad odors. Try Old Spice today and make sure that its scent is the very secret ingredient in the elixir of masculinity. Features and notes: • Thanks to the unforgettable Old Spice scent you will always be in the spotlight • Old Spice deodorant leaves no white or yellow marks • Old Spice deodorant works all day, because, as a rule, your body does not disappear anywhere throughout the day • Special technology allows you to enjoy an incredibly long-lasting aroma...

General information

  • Trademark
    Old Spice
  • Producer
  • Volume
    60 ml
  • Weight
    56 g
  • Country
  • Shelf life
    30 months
  • Storage temperature

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