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Malyatko for children from 4 months apple-apricot puree 180g

180 g
27.99 uah

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Product description

<p>Apple - the source of fruit acids and iron. It has a favorable effect on digestion, nourishes the body of a child in B vitamins A and C.</p> <p>Apricot - is rich in flavonoids, strengthens the walls of blood vessels. This is a good source of sugars and fruit acids. In addition to sugar in it a lot of carotene, which has beneficial effects on vision. Apricot is a leader in the content of potassium needed for the heart muscle.</p> <p>In addition to potassium, the use of apricot is the presence of magnesium (improves memory and increases stamina cells in the brain of the baby) and phosphorus (activates metabolic processes in the brain).</p>...

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