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Crispbread Zhmenka for diabetics 100g packaged

100 g
22.99 uah

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Product description

Rice Cakes with sea salt of TM "Zhmenka" - are light and crisp cakes, produced from unpolished brown rice and sea salt. Due to minimal processing unpolished rice retains beneficial fiber, vitamins and minerals. Cakes of TM "Zhmenka" contain: cellulose, B vitamins (В1, В9, РР), micro- and macronutrients (Mg, P, Zn, Fe). Rice Cakes of TM "Zhmenka" is a useful alternative to conventional bread! Caloric value of rice cakes - in 1 rice cake of TM "Zhmenka" is only 28 kilocalories! Using only whole grains of unpolished rice to produce rice cakes. Produced by careful technology "explosion of grain", period of explosion 1,7 sec., that allows to keep beneficial fiber of the whole grains, vitamins and minerals. With natural sea salt, that is rich in minerals. Without yeast and fermentation products. Without yeast and fermentation products. Without preservatives and dyes. Without fat and starch. It is easy to control the number of calories consumed. To moisten the grain and get a "fluffy" rice cake only pure distilled water is used. Tight sealed packaging with "pearl" lamination allows to maintain a crisp texture and delicate flavor throughout the shelf life of rice cakes.Natural complex of nutrients is saved in Rice Cakes of TM "Zhmenka"....

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