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Yagotynskaya From The Oven Fermented Baked Milk 4% 300g

328 g
17.95 uah

Product description

Fermented milk "From the oven" TM "Yagotynske" is a natural fermented milk product made from milk by fermenting it with special fermenting cultures with subsequent long infusion in a thermostatic chamber, which reproduces the traditional Ukrainian oven and gives a unique home taste. This truly folk method of cooking allows you to get a uniform glossy and dense structure of the product, makes it thick and tasty. Ryazanka "from the oven" TM "Yagotynska" has a light cream color and a pleasant soft caramel aroma. This product has high nutritional properties. Ryazanka will also be a great base for original desserts, pancakes, okroshka and other dishes. Storage conditions: - 14 days at a temperature of 0...+6°С...

Nutritional properties, 100g

  • Calorie content
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates


whole cow's milk, pure cultures starter of lactic acid bacteria, cow's milk cream

General information

  • Trademark
  • Producer
    яготинський маслозавод
  • Weight
    328 g
  • Fat
  • Shelf life
    14 days
  • Storage temperature

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